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Introduction letter of Mr. Nirag Shah

Management Director FAUDI Aviation Asia Pte Ltd.

Service Bulletin 2017-12-13

Filter monitor filtration system

Customer Information 11-2017

Phasing out of filter monitor elements

Customer Information 10-2017

Storage time of filter elements

Service Bulletin 2017-12-05

Interchange EI 1583, 6th ed. with 7th ed. filter monitor elements

Customer Information 08-2017

EI 1583 7th edition

The FAUDI Guardian 02-2017

Review Inter Airport Europe 2017

Water Sensor Test - Final Report

Long term test of our sensors under different climatic conditions

Customer Information 05-2017

Trade fair preview Inter Airport Europe 2017

Special Report by Global Business Media

Innovations in Electronic Sensor Technology for Monitoring Aviation Fuel Quality

Customer Information 03-2017

Commissioning of filter monitor elements

Customer Information 02-2017

Changed flow rates of 6" filter monitor elements

The FAUDI Guardian 01-2017

EI 1581 6th Edition, EI 1592 1st Edition

Customer Information 01-2017

Train-The-Trainer Seminars 2017

The FAUDI Guardian 03/2016

Season's Greetings 2016

The FAUDI Guardian 01/2016

News of IFQP & JIG

The FAUDI Guardian 03/2015

Season's Greetings 2015

The FAUDI Guardian 02/2015

Follow up of Inter Airport Munich 2015

The FAUDI Guardian 01/2015

Multi Purpose Filter for small flow rates; New Sales Manager since April 1st, 2015; New branch for Middle and South America and the Caribbean; 1st Train The Trainer Seminar in 2015; Impressions and feedbacks to our seminars and other events in 2014; The manuals and specifications of the EI (Energy Institute)

The FAUDI Guardian 03/2014

Season's Greetings

The FAUDI Guardian 02/2014

(First Microfilter Element qualified to EI 1590, 3rd Edition; Successful Story from India; Changes in company structure)

The FAUDI Guardian 01/2014

(Industry Letter of Differential Pressure Switches; Approval tests for 6" Filtermonitor Elements with flow direction "In-To-Out")

Press Release 02/2014

(6" Filtermonitor Elements pass approval tests according to EI 1583, 6th edition)

Press Release 01/2014

(Novel diaphragm procedure for the preparation of sewage contaminated with hydrocarbons)

The FAUDI Guardian 01/2013

(Christmas and New Year Greetings)

Press Release 02/2013

(New distributorship in Canada (en))

Press Release 01/2013


The FAUDI Guardian 02/2012

(Christmas and New Year Greetings)

The FAUDI Guardian 03/2011

(Christmas and New Year Greetings)

The FAUDI Guardian 02/2011

(Approval of 2" Filter Monitor Elements according to EI 1583, 6th edition)

The FAUDI Guardian 01/2011

(Foundation of FAUDI Aviation Apparatebau; Retrofit with an autom. water drain system; Responsibility changed from API to EI)

Press Release 01/2011


Customer Information 01/2011

(Surabaya, a single matter?; DPGUARD)