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    Corrected dP App



    Filter dP calculation and trend monitoring

    The Corrected dP App allows calculation and trend monitoring of corrected filter differential pressures in Filter/Water Separators, Microfilters and Dirt Defence Filter Vessels. The App meets the requirements for filter dP measurement and monitoring.

    Trend monitoring of corrected differential pressures takes place over the service life of the filter elements. This enables knowledge to be gained on the operation of the filters and measures to be initiated to maintain filtration effectiveness. A table or graph can be used to provide a current dP trend over a selected period (e.g. daily, weekly). This allows long-term analysis of the life of the filter elements. The configurable data includes international units of measurement (psi, bar, mbar) as well as the nominal flow rate, filter type, and the installation of new filter elements. The cloud database is always up-to-date and consistent thanks to automatic synchronisation.


    Additional benefits:

    •     dP measurement and trend monitoring (see JIG Operations Bulletin 113)
    •     Suitable for all filter element types
    •     Data display in tables and graphs
    •     Data storage over the entire lifetime of the filter elements
    •     Allows trend monitoring
    •     Data provided online is stored securely
    •     Available in German and English

    New features and improvements are constantly being introduced and provided through updates.

    The corrected dP App by FAUDI Aviation is free to download and is available in countries using Google Play Store. To use our smart services, you must create a FAUDI user account and agree to the Terms of Use.

    Our local sales partners will be happy to handle your requests and ensure that you receive the support you need at all times. An overview of our sales partners can also be found on our website.

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