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    Nameplate App

    Create and order operational nameplates

    With the innovative Nameplate App it is now easy to create, order and manage operational nameplates online. Access all features from anywhere at any time using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

    Thanks to the unique filter vessel database, individual product information is available at the tip of your finger. Once you confirm the accuracy of your information, the data is seamlessly and securely transmitted, and the production of a nameplate is commissioned. The nameplate is printed directly onto an EI (Energy Institute) compliant sticker and sent to the address you specify. The efficient handling saves you time and increases the overall process quality.

    The app offers the possibility to generate similarity data sheets for filter/water separators according to specification EI 1582. All orders and drafts are stored and can be called up for further use.


    Additional benefits:

    • Intuitive usability
    • Short delivery times (≤ 3 days)
    • Time saving through process optimization
    • Constantly growing database of filter vessels (all manufacturers)
    • Data provided online is stored securely
    • Available in English and German

    New features and improvements are constantly being introduced and provided through updates.

    Our local sales partners will be happy to handle your nameplate enquiries and ensure that you receive the support you need at all times. An overview of our sales partners can also be found on our website.


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      Drafts and orders

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