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Dirt Defence Filter Vessel


DDFV Series

Specification EI 1599 2nd Edition

The standardized Dirt Defence Filter Vessel DDFV is designed to be compliant with procedural guidelines, applicable legal regulations and requirements of the pressure vessel regulation AD2000.

Dirt Defence Filters are designed to remove fine solids such as rust, sand and other particles efficiently and continuously from aviation fuels.


  • Comparatively low weight
  • Comparatively small diameter
  • Comparatively small length
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simplified element change

Technical Data

  • Qualification: EI 1599 2nd Edition
  • Design & construction: EI 1596 3rd Edition
  • Design pressure: 12 bar (others upon request)
  • Flow rate: Up to 4600 lpm (1215 USgpm)

Standard Design

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Interior: Stainless Steel
  • Cover seal: NBR (Buna-N) or FKM (Viton)

Global Standard: Dirt Defence Filters in conjunction with AFGUARD® EWS

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