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    Training Courses

    We offer basic practical training, advanced training and product-specific courses. With training directly from FAUDI Aviation you benefit from in-depth technical knowledge, valuable practical experience and topics tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

    FAUDI Aviation Academy

    The FAUDI Aviation Academy addresses the basics of filtration techniques, i.e water coalescing and separation, water absorption and dirt filtration of aviation fuels. Using product demonstrations, we present current filter and sensor solutions and how the individual components interact in combination. Participants will be able to understand and correctly apply standards and specifications as well as safe application and maintenance practices. FAUDI Aviation has been developing this unique training concept for years, and courses are carried out inhouse or on-site several times a year. We offer two modules, depending on particpants' experience and prior knowledge: advanced level (level 1) and expert level (level 2).

    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by e-mail at contact(at)faudi-aviation.com or by phone at +49 6428 44652-570. For training in Dubai, please contact us by email at y.hoye(at)faudi-aviation.com or call +971 50 1578027.

    • Course content of level 1:

      Theoretical part:

      • Company presentation
      • Basic function of filtration products
      • Basic function of sensor products
      • Integral understanding of industry specifications and standards
      • Types of contamination and preventative quality and maintenance management
      • Outlook

      Practical part:

      • Practical training on filtration and sensor products
      • Company tour and visit of the unique test rig

      Who should attend:
      This course is recommended for:

      • Operations manager
      • Technical manager
      • Shift supervisor
      • Quality manager
      • Technician
      • Into-plan servicer

      Next training:

      • FAUDI Aviation, Stadtallendorf, Germany: New dates will be announced
      • FAUDI Aviation, Dubai, UAE: New training offers as of the 2nd half of 2021 (please contact our office in Dubai)
      • Duration: 2 days

      Course language:

      • English or German
      • All documents are provided in English or German


      • Training fee depends on the course offered


      • To participate, please follow this link: Currently no online registration available. For training in Dubai, please contact us by email at y.hoye(at)faudi-aviation.com or call +971 50 1578027.

      • The maximum number of participants per session is 9 people
      • Cost for accommodation and travel expenses are borne by the attendee


      After the training days, participants will receive a certificate of completion

    Certified/Trained Installer Course

    The concept of the Certified/Trained Installer Course is to deliver specific electrical training and deeper understanding on how sensor technology advancements contribute to overall fuel quality. The scope of this training is to provide foundational insight about FAUDI Aviation sensor products. Through the hands-on training, participants learn how to implement, combine and wire up different sensors.

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can be contacted via email at contact(at)faudi-aviation.com and via telephone on +49 6428 44652-570. 

    • Course content:

      Theoretical part:

      • Basic instruction in sensor technology
      • Introduction to FAUDI Aviation product range of sensors

      Practical part:

      • Refreshing of basic electrical knowledge
      • AFGUARD® and barriers
      • DP-Switch
      • Contamination Control System
      • DPGUARD®

      Who should attend:
      This course is recommended for professionals with:

      • Electrical knowledge
      • Experience in service and maintenance in the aviation field

      Course language:

      • Englisch and German
      • All documents are provided in English

      Next webinars:


      • To participate, please contact us by email at b.oeste(at)faudi-aviation.com
      • Please indicate the preferred course date as well as name, e-mail address and contact details of the participant(s)
      • The practical training will be conducted in an individual webinar. Date and course content will be determined with the participant. Involved parties in the webinar are required to agree to attend a practical Certified/Trained Installer Training
      • On-site training: Please make sure each participant has the mandatory training tools, including AFGUARD® torque spanner, AFGUARD® loop tester and a cross patch cable, available. (These tools are available from your local FAUDI Aviation distributor)


      A certificate is awarded only once practical training is completed. The company will be included in the list of Certified Installers on the FAUDI Aviation website.