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AFGUARD® Certified Servicer

AFGUARD® recertification

FAUDI Aviation in collaboration with a global network of Certified Servicer providers regular recertification for the AFGUARD® Electronic Water Sensor (EWS). Recertification of the AFGUARD® EWS is based on the JIG and A4A standards for the testing and certification process and is a requirement for continued use of the sensor. FAUDI Aviation recognizes the importance of this process and has developed a comprehensive certification structure to train Certified Servicers in quality and service. This ensures that each Certified Servicer contributes to customer satisfaction. The internationally recognized certificate is proof of competence, safety and high quality.

Global Certified Servicer network

FAUDI Aviation has established a comprehensive network of Certified Servicers at strategic locations worldwide for AFGUARD® EWS recertification. The trained Certified Servicers offer competent advice and support in the planning and conducting of sensor recertifications.

Find your local partner from our worldwide network here!

Haar Australia

Certified Servicer for Australia and New Zealand

Address: Haar Australia, Unit 1/2 E Circuit, Sunshine West VIC 3020, Australia

Contact: T: +61 3 9311 6904, M: ilawrie@alfons-haar.com.au, www.alfons-haar.com.au

FAUDI Aviation GmbH

Recertification and calibration

Address: FAUDI Aviation GmbH, Scharnhorststrasse 7B, 35260 Stadtallendorf, Germany

Contact: T: +49 6428 44652 570, M: contact@faudi-aviation.com


Certified Servicer for Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar & Brunei

Address: ACTEUS Group, 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Da Jin Factory Building #06-11, 534963 Singapore

Contact: T: +65 6282 1241, M: contact@acteusgroup.com, www.acteusfuelling.com


Certified Servicer for Switzerland

Address: IALAG AG, Auhafenstrasse 3a, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland

Contact: T: +41 61 378 96 02, M: info@ialag.ch, www.ialag.ch

Metrans Makina

Certified Servicer for Turkey

Address: Metrans Makina, Cerkesli IMES O.S.B. IMES Bulvarı No:5, TR-41455 Dilovasi / Kocaeli, Turkey

Contact: T: +90 4444 730, M: ertugrul.oner@metrans.com.tr, www.metrans.com.tr


Certified Servicer for United Kingdom and Ireland

Address: ALJAC Ltd., Pitfield House, Station Approach, Shepperton TW 17 8AN, U.K.

Contact: T: +44 1932 269 869, M: sales@aljac.com; www.aljac.com

Go Deo Fuelling

Certified Servicer for South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia & Benin

Address: Go Deo Fuelling, Unit C1, Palisades Business Park, 39 Kelly Road, Jet Park 1469, Gauteng, South Africa

Contact: T: +27 83 625 3663, M: steven@godeo.co.za, www.godeo.co.za

FAUDI Aviation Americas

Certified Servicer for USA and South American territories

Address: FAUDI Aviation Americas, 5240 Mark Dabling Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80918, USA

Contact: T: +1 719 602 7664, M: faa-sales@faudi-aviation.com, www.faudi-aviation.com/americas

GBA Products

Certified Servicer for UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar & Egypt

Address: GBA Products, P.O. Box, 17037 Dubai, UAE

Contact: T: +971 4881 5565, M: aviation@gba-gulf.com, www.gba-gulf.com

PEAR Corporation

Certified Servicer for Canada

Address: PEAR Corporation, 10 Fleming Drive, Unit 2A, Cambridge, ON N1T 2B1, Canada

Contact: T: +1 519 623 9696, M: info@pearcanada.com, www.pearcanada.com


Certified Servicer for France and french-speaking Africa and Caribbean

Address: AVIFIL SAS, ZA de l’Europe 60, rue de Bruxelles, 77 310 St Fargeau Ponthierry, France

Contact: T: +33 164 707 800, M: contact@avifil.fr, www.avifil.fr

Elaflex AB

Certified Servicer for Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Address: Elaflex AB, Svärdvägen 27, 18233 Danderyd, Sweden

Contact: T: +46 8 98 01 30, M: info@elaflex.se, www.elaflex.se

Kenfitt s.r.l.

Certified Installer for Italy

Address: Via Mantova nr. 65, 25017 Lonato del Garda (BS), Italy

Contact: M: kenfitt@kenfitt.it, T: +39 030 912 0831


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We aim to ensure aviation safety through clean, dry fuel. Our path is innovative, with a comprehensive approach along the entire value chain.

Experience the quality of our products and our customer-oriented on-site services.

Technical documentation

The Recertification App by FAUDI Aviation allows the user to obtain information about the AFGUARD® status, upcoming recertifications and all important files such as shipping documents and certificates. The recertification process is initiated in the app and the Certified Servicer is notified of the upcoming task. After successful recertification, the certificate is automatically stored in the app and can be printed if required. The app gives users the freedom to focus on their core business.

Have you got any questions about our services?

Feel free to contact us - our sensor team is always at your disposal!

Upon request, we can remind you of the next periodic recertification of the sensors.

E-Mail: contact(at)faudi-aviation.com
Phone: +49 6428 44652 570

Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm
Friday from 8 am to 1 pm

AFGUARD® EWS references

Focusing on aviation safety - businesses of all sizes rely on FAUDI Aviation's innovations.  Read from AFGUARD® EWS users about the reasons why the sensor is the right choice for them and why we are the right partner for your company.

Rubis Aviation

The FAUDI EWS + DDF is now fully installed on Rubis Caribbean Aviation Fleet. This has allowed us the opportunity to improve our safety and quality controls by fully transitioning from Filter Monitor to the AFGUARD® technology. Rubis staff have embraced this new interactive advanced technology which provides real-time data that can be so easily shared with our valued customer. The FAUDI AFGUARD® technology has truly revolutionized our Aviation Operations.

Nicholson Dodds, Rubis Aviation

Turkish Opet Aviation Fuels

Turkish Opet Aviation Fuels has been using the AFGUARD® sensors since December 2017. We are generally satisfied with the use and benefits of the sensors. The system controls the amount of water in the fuel not only selectively, but continuously throughout the refueling process. It's safer and more practical to ensure fuel quality, especially for companies like us that operate in many different fields. The sensor sends a signal that triggers the dead man's valve to automatically shut down the fuel system if there is water in the line without human intervention.

Murat Erdem, Turkish Opet Aviation Fuels

Shell Aviation

Operating reliably hundreds of aviation refueling vehicles in our global network with uniformed AFGUARD®/EWS technology has lifted Shell Aviation to the next level. Continuous monitoring of fuel quality, relief of operators, tremendous progress in the sustainability area due to significant waste reduction and long life filter elements, cost reduction and last but not least supplying SAP free fuel to the customers underlines our safety and future oriented ambitions in the aviation industry.

Bernhard Maedler, Shell Aviation