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    Accessories and Ground Fuelling Equipment

    FAUDI Aviation provides accessories for filter vessels and sensor products. The product portfolio is being expanded by ground refuelling equipment.

    Automatic Air Eliminator

    Pressure Relief Valve

    • Pressure Relief Valve

      The pressure relief valve has been provided for the dissipation of thermal expansion. This valve can be adjusted to open at a desired pressure, to vent the overpressure built up in the system due to thermal expansion in a non-flowable condition. The outgoing line should be led without pressure into a slop tank.

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    Differential Pressure Gauges

    Drain Valves

    • Drain Valve

      Manually operated ball valve to sample or to drain the vessel. The valve may be provided with a flow rate control which prevents excessive flow rates through the filter/water separator. 

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    • Sample Probe

      Permits samples to be taken up and downstream of the filter. This ensures that only fuel is removed from the middle of the liquid flow.

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    Accessories for Sensor Products

    • DRAINGUARD®-Sump

      Fully automatic drainage system for water sumps in filter/water separators. The DRAINGUARD® sump contains a SLUGGUARD® sensor for the detection and differentiation of water and fuel.

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    • AFGUARD® loop tester

      Hand held device to test the loop installed behind the AFGUARD®. According to JIG Bulletin 110, system shall be tested at least every three month in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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    • AFGUARD® Torque Wrench

      Special tool for installing the AFGUARD®

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    • Barrier

      The barrier supplies e.g. dP transmitter, if necessary also in hazardous area, and passes on the signal galvanically isolated.

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    Aviation Fuel Hydrant Pit Lid