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We're bringing our USA brands together under one roof.

FAUDI Aviation Americas through our FAA Filters manufacturing facility are now offering quality FAUDI Aviation filtration products Made in the USA under sefiso LLC.

FAUDI Aviation Americas and FAA Filters are joining forces to deliver our comprehensive range of products and services and ensure seamless delivery to our customers in the Americas.

We have established a manufacturing facility in the USA, scheduled to commence manufacturing of FAUDI Aviation filters in May of 2024, to support this positive change and meet the demands of the Americas market.

We’re driven by our commitment to offer customers the best solutions at the best price and make them readily available when needed. FAUDI Aviation Americas and FAA Filters are now one company under the registered name of sefiso LLC. We’re confident that sefiso will be recognized for cutting-edge filtration technology and premier customer service.

Experience the ease of receiving consistent service and product availability, enhanced by our streamlined processes as your provider based right here in the USA. With immediate access to our extensive product range and efficient scalability for inquiries, our customers can expect their demands to be met with unparalleled agility.

Our commitment to tailoring service offerings specifically to the American market ensures seamless communication and understanding, with comprehensive customer support coverage spanning across the entire Americas regions.

Furthermore, our dedication to maintaining a competitive edge through technological leadership sets us apart. We're not just forward-thinking; we're pioneers in our industry, driven by innovation. Prioritizing reliability, availability, and safety, we’re committed to client satisfaction.

The decision to integrate our brands FAA Filters and FAUDI Aviation Americas into sefiso encapsulates our core competencies: sensors, filtration, and solutions. The organizational changes will allow us to harness the collective strengths and expertise of both FAUDI Aviation Americas and FAA Filters, resulting in an expanded product portfolio and superior service capabilities.

This is more than a name change - it’s a fusion of years of proven German product development and American craftsmanship and a testament to our commitment to precision engineering and high performance. We’re eager to start this new phase and continue our shared journey with our customers!