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To The Wingtip Event 2023

On October 5 and 6 we were privileged to host a special networking event at our headquarters in Stadtallendorf. Titled, 'To The Wingtip', the event served as a platform to showcase the SAFE Academy training capabilities and allowed representatives to discuss industry priorities. This year also marked the 85th anniversary of FAUDI Aviation, which we celebrated by sharing our achievements and growth story with our partners and guests.

The event began with a joint dinner in the city of Marburg, followed by an interesting day of presentations at our headquarters in Stadtallendorf, culminating in a product launch and a tour of our filter manufacturing, test rig and training facilities. First on the agenda was a presentation on the importance of standardised training in aviation fuel filtration, condition monitoring and handling. Speaker Bernhard Mädler, former employee of Shell Aviation, emphasised the dynamic nature of the job market and the myriad challenges organisations face in finding and training the right candidates.

"The SAFE Academy's solution to these challenges is to provide standardised training in line with industry standards and evolving operational conditions in fuel supply on airports", Mädler continued. In addition, the SAFE trainers shared their motivations and provided profound insights into their involvement with the Academy. These trainers have extensive experience in the aviation industry, making their perspectives on the critical nature of standardized fuel education particularly captivating. SAFE is impartial and non-branded and is aimed at participants working in the areas of aircraft refuelling, aviation fuel storage and hydrant management.

We were honoured to welcome guests from JIG. General Manager Mark Newstead and Technical Manager Ibon Ibarrola-Armendariz each made insightful presentations on the industry’s important fields, with best practice insights from operations adding immense value to the experience of our attendees. IFQP’s Technical and Training Manager Hendrik Schmeil and IFQP’S Consultant Peter Westphal contributed on the importance of training for airlines.

As we shifted our attention to the upcoming Inter Airport, the Wingtip event had already solidified its place as a standout moment for us this year. We are grateful for the opportunity and to have hosted numerous industry professionals, both as guests and speakers, at our headquarters. We extend our appreciation to all our attendees for their invaluable contributions and enlightening conversations.

We're encouraged by the positive resonance and reception of the training concept, as well as the enthusiasm brought forth by those involved and the guest attending alike, and we look forward to many more trainings to come!