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    Reduce redundancy and complexity. Increase operational efficiency.

    The AFGUARD-ready® symbol indicates the ability of systems to provide a signal transfer between the EI 1598 AFGUARD® sensor and a logic controller. The requirements to receive input from a sensor qualified to EI 1598 are derived from JIG Technical Bulletin No. 130 (& No. 110) with regard to alert, alarm and data storage function. By affixing the AFGUARD-ready® label, the manufacturer confirms the compliance of its products and ensures that the system receives signals from the EI 1598 sensor and records free water in fuel between 0 and 50 ppm.

    The combination of a compliant logic controller and the AFGUARD® water sensor enables the reduction of additional systems on a refueling vehicle. This means less planning effort and maintenance and at the same time a high degree of flexibility when selecting a logic controller.

    Contact your manufacturer of logic controllers directly to find out if the devices are AFGUARD®-ready.

      AFGUARD-ready® and the logo AFGUARD-ready are registered trademarks of FAUDI Aviation.