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Redefining the life of a filter element through operational performance

While filter element technology has been optimized in recent years, filter monitoring has stagnated at a modest level. Filter elements are usually replaced according to manufacturers recommended maximum service life or by reaching the maximum differential pressure (dP) or following inspections where visual contamination issues are observed. In practice, the filter elements are often changed too late, which on the one hand leads to a reduced operational safety and efficiency of the filter system and on the other hand to increased operating costs due to higher, non-combined service intervals. Continuous monitoring for free water and solids would enable operators to detect filter malfunctions or process disturbances in time.


The FAUDI Aviation sensor solutions offer data-based filter monitoring

PerformanceBasedFilterLife™ is innovative for product life cycle and maintenance management for into-plane refuelling companies. The lifetime of a filter element is an important aspect when considering overall life cycle costs, not only in terms of replacement costs, but also in terms of vehicle downtime and associated labour costs. FAUDI Aviation's sensor solutions can provide your company with valuable data and actionable insights while monitoring filter elements for reliability, effectiveness and safety.

Filter elements must be dimensioned in a dynamic environment using sensor-based data to predict how they will behave under real-world conditions. Because field filter life estimation is based on laboratory testing, the actual life of filter elements varies with each installation. Continuous monitoring and analysis of parameters can be used to adjust and optimize processes during operation. Filter elements are replaced only when certain indicators show a decreasing performance or a threatening failure of the filter elements. PerformanceBasedFilterLife™ is a promising addition to dP monitoring and visual inspection. The ability to store data is an additional benefit as it simplifies trend analysis.


Data-driven services improve operational and financial performance

With PerformanceBasedFilterLife™ it is possible to:

  • Adjust the service life of filter elements to their performance
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and save repair costs
  • Gain information
  • Minimize uncertainties and risks
  • Optimize the performance of your operations
  • Combine expensive and time-consuming maintenance intervals
  • Prevent downtime and loss of profits due to system failures
  • Reduce waste consumption and thus disposal costs
  • Improve performance by leveraging the enormous amount of data in the system
  • Detect problems before they lead to unplanned downtime