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Coalescer Element



Specification EI 1581 3rd Edition, Group II, Class A, B & C and MIL-F-8901E

Coalescer elements are designed to coalesce free water and to remove fine solids from aviation fuels. Coalescers are deployed at the first stage in a filter/water separator, when fuel enters the vessel.

FAUDI Aviation K-Type coalescer elements are intended for use in filter/water separators on refuellers, hydrant dispensers and other mobile refuelling equipment. They are characterized by an excellent dirt holding capacity and high water removal efficiency.

Technical Data

  • Qualification: EI 1581 3rd Edition, Group II, Class A, B & C
  • Nominal filtration: According to EI 1581 3rd Edition
  • Flow direction: In-to-out
  • Changeout differential pressure: 1.0 bar (15 psi)
  • Service time (max.): 36 months*
  • Storage time (max.): 60 months*
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C (-22 °F) / Max. 80° C (176° F)

*Manufacturer recommendation

Standard Design

  • Outside diameter: 152 mm (6 inch)
  • Center tube: Epoxy coated steel
  • Gaskets: NBR (Buna-N)
  • End caps: Polyamide, glass fiber reinforced / Epoxy coated steel
  • Labeling: According to EI specification